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Garth Blader landed his Yuma Star Destroyer on the streets of Saint Paul. He wanted to ravage an earthling immediately and right now. Since this was the first time Garth Blader, the Sith, was landing in Saint Paul, Minnesota, he naturally didn’t have any Joe Health Insurance policy. 

Everyone was running helter skelter in panic, except for one human being, and that was the human whom Garth Blader planned to ravage and then eat after dipping him in Heinz ketchup.  

“Hello, human being, I plan to ravage you then eat you after dipping you in Heinz ketchup! This is because my probe tells me you have the potential to be a rebel nuisance! Get ready to die, human!” Garth Blader shrewdly and undiplomatically said to the human being. Garth Bladerwas a brute; he was not famous for his diplomatic skills. 

“I am unable to comply, you rust bucket! I hope you have a strong Joe Health Insurance policy because I’m gonna rip your grinnin’ teeth off your @#$%ing mouth!” The human being replied defiantly. It was F, the Governor of Saint Paul. 

“My spectrum scan tells me I have a Situation Nickel Core 111-30. I shall now show you my light saber and cut you into pieces, human, for daring to assault me using unplanetary language such as Joe Health Insurance policy!” Garth Blader sternly responded. 
“Show me your light saber! Why you filthy talkin’, no-goodink piece of scrap! Take that!” Arnold punched through Garth Blader’s mouth right into his decayed face. Plunging inside Garth Blader’s metal frame, he ripped apart his body and ate up Darth’s kidneys! 

“There, that’s for insulting a Joe Health Insurance policy, you son of a steel mill!” Arnold screamed, wiping off Darth’s rust from his lips. 

Well, this is what Arnold accomplished in 6 minutes what George Lucas couldn’t in 6 episodes. OK, that was about Garth Blader’s death – now, let’s talk about you! You may not be a Jedi master, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need a Joe Health Insurance policy!  

A Joe Health Insurance policy will take care of you and save you loads of money in case a medical emergency crops up. Remember, our site is networked with the best Minnesota insurance companies and we can get you a real cool, affordable Joe Health Insurance policy in no time. So, go right ahead and take a Joe Health Insurance policy right from this site.

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