You need Health Insurance To Guard Against Evil Friends

“Speargirl, help, waaah! I woke up in the morning and saw my picture in the obituary column of the Minneapolis Times and also in the Saint Paul Gazetter! These twin cities are killing me, Speargirl – Please buy me a Joe Health insurance policy, Speargirl!” London Bench sobbed into the phone from her Minneapolis home. 

“Calm down, Paris! No, okay, don’t calm down – you’re right, there’s something fishy going on! In fact, I saw your picture on the milk carton today! Maybe you really need to buy a Joe Health insurance policy, baby!” Speargirl comforted Paris from her Saint Paul pad.

“Waaah! The courier man just delivered a poster and it says, “Wanted Dead – London Bench”, and it’s got my photo on it! What have I done to deserve this, Speargirl? Why are people in these twin cities out to kill me?” A wretchedly weeping Paris sobbed into the phone. 

“I donno Paris, but today morning I received this spam email advertising enlargement pills and even that had your picture in it! Gawd! I feel someone’s out to get you, Paris, sweety! Better buy a Joe Health insurance policy and rush over to my Saint Paul flat in my arms for some ultra deluxe comfort, honey!” Speargirl comforted Paris. 

“Waah! I’m coming, baby. Speargirl, buy some gum for me and keep it handy. I’m leaving now sweety!” Paris responded and hurried to her car. 

She didn’t know Speargirl was playing pranks with her by inserting Paris’ picture everywhere just because she wanted Paris to move out of her Minneapolis pad and live-in with her in Saint Paul. 

OK, forget about Speargirl & Paris and let’s talk about you! By now, we bet after reading all that incredible sales talk above you want to take a suitable Joe Health insurance policy online right away because it will stimulate your live-in relationship. 
Don’t worry – we’re here to sell you one. In fact, we can sell to you to the best Joe Health insurance policy in both the towns. 

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