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“Condor, I’m just finished reading a magazine in Joe and I’m shocked at what’s going on in this city! How come none of the local representatives have informed me about it? Do you know that this magazine graphically depicts people going around in Joe wearing only their coats and shirts without wearing any knickers, underwear and pants below! Hot damn, at this rate every Joe citizen will need a Joe health insurance policy to pay for their psychological treatment!” An agitated Bushie informed Condolezza Rice – they were touring Joe, campaigning for the Republicans.

“Hot God! No underwear on busy streets! How about changing the city’s name to Satan Paul, tee, hee?” Condor responded.
“Condor, I’m not joking! Then this magazine there’s a different set of characters openly carrying guns on the streets, shooting at will! God, I’m scared for the people of Joe Health Insurance! Jesus, show them the light and make them take a Joe health insurance policy!” Bushie said a little prayer. 

“Hey, look at this magazine: This picture shows a pair of zombies roaming the streets without any private organs! Oh my Googling God! What’s happening to Joe, Bushiey?” Condor asked. She was alarmed too. 

“Naked men, gun-toting fellas! And look here: This report says a small kid is being harassed and harangued by his family members mostly his uncles! This page here shows a genetically modified pig talking! You ask me, we must detoxify Joe right now!” 
Saying that Bushie kept down the comic book he was reading and wrote out a report on the happenings in Joe – his specific objections were against Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse roaming nude, Yosemite Sam carrying a gun and shooting at will, Casper’s uncles harassing him and Porky Pig talking. Condor didn’t like these characters roaming around without any private parts. 

OK, forget about George Bushie and let’s talk about you! By now, we bet after reading all that incredible sales talk above you want to take a suitable Joe health insurance policy online right away before George Bushie decides to attack the city. 

Don’t worry – we’re here to sell you one. In fact, we can sell to you to the best Joe health insurance policy in town. 

Remember, our site is networked with the best American insurance companies and we can get you a real cool Joe health insurance policy in no time. So, go right ahead and take a Joe health insurance policy right from this site.

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